What students will face in university and beyond will prepare them for their next endeavor. They will leave what they are used to, what they have known all their life. A new outlook on life without old restrictions will take some adjustment when entering the University they’re attending. They will find that they will need to make new friends, become accustom to new professors, and live differently to prepare them for their next step in life when they leave senior school.There are several ways that a University will allow freshman to be introduced to fellow students. There are dances, class orientation, and gatherings on the quad for the new student to meet new people. This is when they the foundation of life long friendships begin. These bonds will also help the student mature into what kind of person they will become.

Professors are part of each students growing process. It is important for them to impart the knowledge they have on a certain subject but they will also put a strong emphasis on how the freshman handles the work. Students will have to not only manage the work load given to them in that class but also in any other classes they will be taking that semester.


A certain time is set aside each week by the professor. This is to help students resolve any problems that may occur in class. The student must take this seriously and approach the professor if help is needed in order to get the most out of the coarse.

More opportunities for entertainment also arise during this time in the students life. Having more options will be a dramatic change for students and will not be something that they are used to.

Balancing work and play will be just as important as learning the properties of physics. Without guidance and restrictions from their parents having more fun then working will be appealing to the student. It will be difficult to resist the temptation of life without rules. Once they stay centered in this spectrum they will be more prepared for the events after graduation.

Senior year will bring more experience and will be much easier then the first year. The friends they have made throughout their years in the University will help them along the way. They share more ideals with the friends that have maintained faithful throughout the duration. Their teachers also become more of a guide post for their future.

Although they have accumulated many credits they may have had the same professors more then once. Now that the student has learned to play hard and work hard and have learned to glean as much knowledge as possible from the professor they will be more prepared for their future. Their purpose is clearer now as they are on the cusp of their future.

What the student has faced in the University has prepared them for the beyond. The new challenges that await them such as finding a job, sustaining the friendships they have cultivated and having fun will seem more doable. They are ready for the next chapter and will utilize everything that they have just learned to help them live a successful future.