The importance of friendly staff cares should never be overlooked. This applies to many businesses and services, and even more so in a high school situation. The attitude of personnel can literally make or break any institution and its goals.

When an employee in a public position is helpful, polite and proactive, then the recipients of this attitude, whether they are customers or students, feel comfortable and better about why they are, where they are, at that moment. In a independent school situation, students may have several reasons to be anxious about being there.

They may be new to the neighborhood and not know any of the students. They may be Freshman and generally just don’t know how to act or what is expected of them. Many times, they don’t even feel good about themselves, let alone having to be in a situation with an adult which often activates some sort of rebellion in their minds.

When the children are in a more relaxed atmosphere with patient adults who generally have the individual’s best interests in mind, then these kids can better concentrate on their school work. Some of these them will even cherish their moments with a school employee who takes the time to help them with their personal needs, coming back for more help and fellowship.

This builds trust in the students, teaching them about positive relationships for themselves and also how to treat others in the same fashion. At this age, feeling connected to others is very important for these kids. And their most recent experiences are generally what they take with them when they graduate and go out into the real world.

A student with a positive attitude can generate a parent with a great outlook on things too. This is a perfect mix for the student because the parent then feels it is worth their time to become more involved and encourage their child in school. When parents take an active role in their children’s education then the kids tend to try harder and potentially get better grades.

Therefore, employers who are mindful about keeping their workers happy, are on their way to having a robust group of customer service-minded employees. Keys to doing this are to provide a pleasant work place, sufficient benefits and enough staff that the individuals are not overworked and stressed out themselves.

Also providing employees with the tools and resources they need in order to more properly achieve their duties will most likely defend against hostility and frustration towards the employer. This helps the workers, in turn, convey kindness and support for those who need it at the time they need it. When a person feels good about what they have to do, then they will usually pass that on to whom ever they are in contact with.

Now, seeing the importance of friendly staff cares, institutions should always strive for this scenario, especially at the high school level. This not only helps the students enjoy their time while at the school, but it also develops their interpersonal skills by encouraging them to seek out these adults and ask questions or advice when needed. Thus their their outlook on work and other people can be much improved.