In fact it can be anything from the quality of work of your school/college cafeteria to the last video clip of Lady Gaga. Commonly the following aspects are taken into account when it comes to choosing an object for an evaluation essay:

  • Historical figures
  • Works of art
  • Works of literature
  • Cinema products
  • Music products
  • Social or natural phenomena

Evaluation Essay Topics: Some Examples to Spark Ideas

  1. Evaluate the impact of violent video games on children.
  2. Evaluate the role of the global web for a modern person.
  3. Evaluate death penalty as a measure of reduction crimes.
  4. Evaluate the usage of literary devices in a chosen work of literature.
  5. Evaluate director’s work (actor’s play) in the chosen film.
  6. Evaluated the role of the chosen historical figure in the course of the US history.
  7. Evaluate racial discrimination in the USA today.
  8. Evaluate confrontation of traditional and folk medicine.
  9. Evaluate the usage of antidepressants by modern Americans.
  10. Evaluate the effect of global warming and its consequences for our planet.Evaluation Essay

As the list of offered evaluation essay topics covers various areas of our life, it will be pretty easy to determine which topic is closer to you personally. Every person is better acquainted with certain fields of knowledge than with others. Equally, some topics spark more interest in you and urge you to investigate further in the set direction in order to acquire more information on the chosen topic and come to your own conclusions on the basis of this information, in other words – to evaluate something that is currently in the focus of your interest.

In an evaluation essay as in many other kinds of essays you express your opinion. However, evaluation in your essay is going to be performed according to a certain set of criteria. Through estimating or judging your chosen object, stated in the topic, you are going to express what you think in regards to the chosen topic.

Use the following evaluation methods in your essay:

  • Analysis
  • Estimation
  • Judgment
  • Assessment
  • Consideration
  • Survey
  • Ranking
  • Measuring

Writing an evaluation essay isn’t as painstaking as it may seem after all. Pick a topic you have something to tell about, and you will see your writing will turn out be quite absorbing and even fun.

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